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The American Purchasing Society (APS) is the leading purchasing professional association.

APS and Robert Menard have co-developed online courses for credit toward professional certifications.
Robert Menard's Online Courses at APS include:

The Science of Negotiation
The Science of Negotiation includes instruction on the total cost of ownership, negotiation planning, concession behavior, win-win and other strategies, and tools and techniques used by the best negotiators.

The Art of Negotiation
"The Art of Negotiation" includes speaking and listening communication skills, communication techniques, personality issues, and tactics and counter tactics.

The Science and The Art of Negotiation
Until now, there has never been a negotiation program written by purchasing pros exclusively for purchasing pros. The American Purchasing Society and Robert Menard created this defining work on purchasing negotiation and makes it available in convenient online format.

Body Language
“Body Language”, a new online course to help you deal with suppliers. This course will give you an insight on how to read the gestures, body positions, and movements that reveal what the other person is feeling and how he or she is reacting.

APS Membership
The American Purchasing Society is dedicated to the advancement of the purchasing profession and those who are in it.

If your job is in purchasing, you owe it to yourself and your company to belong to the American Purchasing Society. Receive all the benefits and belong to the best professional association for purchasing.

Preparation for Certified Purchasing Professional (CPP) Exam - Full Version
Robert Menard is the instructor for this Full Two-Week Version including Study Guide and Examination. The object of this course is to prepare experienced buyers, purchasing agents, and purchasing managers for the Certified Purchasing Professional examination.

Fundamentals of Business Buying and Purchasing Management
Don't know much about business or buying for business? Then this is the course for you, a three part online course that introduces you to accepted business practices that gives you the understanding to accept a position as a buyer or purchasing manager.

Use of Terms & Conditions, Documenting the Purchase Agreement
New or inexperienced buyers will find this course invaluable. Experienced buyers, managers, and seasoned professionals will find the review very helpful and will learn important new information to eliminate many problems with purchasing transactions. Course is given continually.

Accounting, Finance, and Cost Management for Buyers and Managers
The course is an introduction to accounting and finance suitable for those who have never had accounting as well as those who wish to review the subject. Topics include the legal structure of organizations, the accounting process, financial reports, methods of evaluating inventory, budgeting, methods of evaluating financial performance and investments, and many other related subjects.

Math for Purchasing and Business
This is a required course for anyone in Purchasing or business and is a requirement for the Certified Purchasing Professional program.

The ability to use elementary mathematics is of paramount importance to consistently buy economically. New buyers and seasoned purchasing managers will benefit from this course. Most will learn something new and all will refresh their memories of valuable forgotten material.

Essential Law for Buyers and Sellers - CPP Requirement
Learn what a contract is and what it takes to make one. Understand the difference between the common law and statute law. Know the importance of the Uniform Commercial Code, antitrust laws and patents. Learn how to protect your organization and yourself from legal problems connected with the business and your employment.

APS Courses

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You’re the Buyer – You Negotiate It!
will improve your success in negotiations. Filled with practical examples and useful techniques, Robert Menard's expertise will serve you well through the years.

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Green Purchasing and Sustainability
This course demonstrates how sustainability impacts our professions and how purchasing can take an active role in it. It will give practical and reasonable steps that purchasing can take to not only help its company become "greener" but to also do what purchasing does best, reduce costs.

Business Ethics for Buyers and Sellers - CPP Requirement
Learn the meaning and sources of ethics and how ethics affects doing business. Know how to make ethical decisions. Understand the relationship between the law and ethics. Feel more comfortable making ethical decisions. Become familiar with the ethical issues that buyers and sellers confront.

How to Get More Sales from Professional Purchasing Agents & Business Buyers
This course helps salespeople know what professional purchasing people want from them and what buyers expect from suppliers. It tells salespeople what the need to do to get more sales from the buyer. It also helps the buyer understand the seller's frame of mind.

Managing Inventory - Maintaining the Proper Level
Controlling the amount of inventory is an important and complex function of business. This course introduces buyers, purchasing managers, and others to the many aspects of managing inventory. It covers record keeping, the types of inventory, physical control, accounting vs. operating considerations, reasons for shortages and how to prevent them, supplier held inventory, ...

76 Ways to Improve Purchasing Performance
The course provides well invaluable information and tips to help you negotiate transactions, reduce costs, and help to make your purchasing operation more efficient.